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Point 5 Ohms – Lemon Pie

This e-juice comes in 4 x 10ml bottles ready mixed with nicotine. I am reviewing this at 3 mg strength. This is a really good e-juice because it’s taste is as the description, lemon pie. On the inhale you get a creamy custard meringue flavour which is delicious. On exhale, the lemon comes through with a bit more kick but it’s well balanced and nothing takes over. It all tastes very natural in flavour, just like a lemon pie should be. Another plus point with this juice is the lemon is not too tart or sweet, just perfect.

Bottle of E Juice called Blueberry Jam

Jammin – Blueberry Jam

Here’s the e juice review of Blueberry Jam from Jammin. First up, your taste buds are hit with a delicious sweet jam infused with ripe blueberries. On exhale, the Blueberry gets more prominent with just the right amount of sharpness and tang to complement the sweet jam. To sum up, this e juice has great flavour and a good aftertaste which makes a good all day vape. If you like blueberries you should check this one out.

Rejuiced – Son of A Biscuit Eater

This is a relaunched e-juice from the original Popular recipe. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the original to do I a direct comparison. On the inhale you get a rich smooth creamy custard with just the right amount of vanilla flavour. On exhale, the biscuit comes through with some extra creamy custard flavour. The flavours of this e-juice blend perfectly with just the right amount of sweetness. absolutely 100% recommended.

Bottle of e juice called Rhubarb and Custard

Jungle Juice – Rhubarb & Custard

This is a great mix of ripe rhubarb blended with smooth vanilla custard. On the inhale you get a ripe slightly sweet rhubarb, the custard is very much in the background. On exhale, the smooth custard flavour comes through more with a sweeter rhubarb finish. I really like this one and it has a great aftertaste so it is a great all day vape.

Bottle of orange flavoured e-juice made by The Yorkshire Vaper

The Yorkshire Vaper – The Gaffer – Orange

Here’s the review of the Custard Orange, Gaffer e-juice. This one has a good well-balanced flavour with a slight emphasis on the orange which is slightly sweet. On the inhale you get a muted vanilla custard with a hint of the orange flavour, it’s neither too sweet or sour. On the exhale the orange comes to the fore with a bit of added sweetness but it’s not overpowered. There’s nothing to dislike about this one, it’s a nice smooth and well-blended juice that’s a good all day vape. One thing to mention is the vanilla custard flavour is muted but does not spoil the overall taste. The Yorkshire Vape Co have done themselves proud and nailed it with this one.

E Juice called Cream Cookie

Fryd – Cream Cookie

First up, on the inhale your hit with a delicious chocolate cookie with a smooth creaminess, it’s all very well balanced. On the exhale more chocolate and sweet cream rolls off your tongue. To sum up, this e juice from Fryd is bang on its flavour profile with its blend of chocolatey cookies and cream. Added to all this it has a very good aftertaste. If you like a creamy sweet chocolate cookie it’s definitely well worth trying out.

Bottle of e juice called Strawberry Milk

Kilo Premium E Liquids, Moo Series – Strawberry Milk

Here’s another great e-juice from Kilo. This one does exactly what it says on the tin. On the inhale you get a really smooth milk flavour and it’s not sickly sweet, it’s balanced and bang on flavour. On the exhale you get a sweet strawberry blending with the creamy milk flavours. This is a muted flavoured e-juice, it’s on the mellow side but it works well. This makes for a great all day vape, I will definitely be getting more of this one.

Bottle of E Juice called Lennon Curd

British Bread & Butter Pudding Party – Lennon Curd

Wow, this e-juice really smacks those taste buds no mistaking. First up on the Inhale you get a creamy buttery smooth flavour with a hint of sweet lemon. Next, you get a sweet zesty lemon with a creamy smoothness. This e-juice is absolutely spot on with its many layered flavours. The aftertaste is top notch so makes a great all-dayer. Steeping this juice is a must because when it’s fresh it’s a too sweet and zesty. If you like as lemon zest smooth creamy e-juice you should love this one.

Bottle of e juice called Unicorn Milk

Cuttwood – Unicorn Milk

Before I steeped this e-juice it had a nasty artificial sweetness that made it unpleasant to vape. Having steeped this for around 6 weeks the flavour improved immensely. First up, on the inhale you get a smooth creamy milk with a dash of strawberry in the mix. This juice gives a cheesecake type flavour which is sweet and sour. On the exhale you get some added sweet fresh strawberries on top. To sum up, if I had reviewed this juice a few weeks ago before sleeping I would have given it a low score. Now it’s been steeped this e-juice is very good with a well-balanced, layered flavour and definitely worth checking out.

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