Battery Safety

First up, make sure you store your batteries in a secure plastic case when they are not in use. Never carry any battery loose in a pocket or bag because batteries are potential fire hazards. Batteries can short out and explode if they come in contact with a set of keys for example.

Damaged Batteries

If battery seals or raps become damaged don’t use them because they are potentially dangerous. Always dispose of unwanted batteries at an appropriate recycle point and replace them with a new set. Never mix a set with new and old.

Where To Buy Batteries  

When purchasing batteries buy from trusted online retailers or shops, don’t be tempted to grab a bargain on eBay. There are so many fakes out there and the only way to be sure you have the real deal is to buy from a reputable dealer. When charging your batteries, whenever possible use a dedicated charger, it’s safer and will prolong the life of your new batteries.

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