Dinner Lady – Pink Wave

Bottle of e juice called Pink Wave and made by Dinner Lady
Dinner Lady - Pink Wave
  • Flavour - 6.9/10
  • After Taste - 6/10
  • All Dayer Vape - 7.5/10


This e-juice in the fruit range from Dinner Lady is my least favourite so far. The description does not match up with its flavour description at all. I really can’t get the strawberry or coconut flavours, to me it’s more like grapefruit and lemon even after sleeping for three weeks. On the inhale you get a grapefruit type of Flavour with the slight hint of strawberry and some lemon in the mix. On the exhale it’s kind of lemon and grapefruit with a very slight coconut in the background. This gives a sourer overall flavour profile.

To sum up, this doesn’t quite work for me it’s not totally unpleasant but it’s just not to my liking.

VG/PG     70/30

For more information on Dinner Lady products visit their site https://www.vapedinnerlady.com/

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