Vaping Tips

Hey guys, here’s the part of the E Juice Junkie website where I give some advice on how you can get the best out of vaping. This is primarily aimed at the beginner’s but can act as a reminder to the rest of us that have gotten into some bad habits along the way.

Priming Coils

Priming coils properly improve the longevity and performance of your coils which will save you money at the same time. It takes a bit of time to complete the priming process. You’ll be rewarded with an improved vaping experience. I can’t overemphasize the importance of properly priming coils.

How to Prime Coils

First off, screw the coil onto the deck. Now slowly add a few drops of juice onto the top of the coil, your aim is to hit the cotton wicks. Next, wait until the juice has been absorbed before adding a few more drops. Repeat this process until the cotton wicks on the outside of the coil are completely saturated. It usually takes a couple of minutes or so for the cotton wick to fully saturate. Next, place the glass tank on the deck and screw the top plate together firmly but not overly tight. Now fill the tank with juice then leave to stand for 15 minutes. It’s now time to start.

Slowly Does It

It’s time to take the first few hits without using the fire button. This helps to pull the juice through the wick. The final stage is to start vaping at low wattage for the first few hits. This is where patience is required. Take three to four hits leaving about around 20 seconds between each hit, this gives the wick time to absorb the juice. If your coils are rated at 80 watts, start the process around 50 Watts. Gradually up the wattage until you reach the desired level. If you get a burnt taste or dry hit, drop back a bit and give the wick a bit more time to saturate. Some coils prime faster than others so there’s an element of trial and error going on here.


Here’s the thing guys, when you get a new bottle of e-juice, add your nic shot, fill up your tank then take the first few hits, your left thinking where’s all the flavour? This happens because your e-juice needs time to steep or mature in other words. This is because the flavour molecules take time to blend with the vegetable glycerol and develop over time.

How To Steep

There are several different methods of steeping e-juice so I’ll go through the ones I’ve tried and tested. First up add the desired nicotine shot to your e-juice and shake It vigorously. Shaking the bottle helps add air into the e-Juice which allows the flavour molecules to infuse. You can now just store your bottle in a drawer preferably somewhere cool and leave it for a week or two, the longer the better. This is the best method to steep your e-juice but can take time.

Speed It Up

To speed the steeping process up you can put your e-juice bottle into a mug of hand hot water for about half an hour or so. Don’t use boiling water as it will wreck your juice. Now you can store the bottle somewhere warm like an airing cupboard for a day or so then somewhere cool. Some folks stand their e-juices on a radiator for a couple of days. Try to shake the bottle once a day to help with the process.

Avoid leaving juice in direct sunlight wherever possible. As a general rule, it takes at least a week to steep juices. Pastry and custards generally take longer than fruit flavours. The end result will give you a better all round flavour.

What's My Watt's

All e-juices are not equal and that’s not just down to their flavour. This is because some give better flavour at a higher wattage than others. There’s an element of trial and error to hit the sweet spot if you start to get a burning taste you know you’ve cranked it up too much. If your wattage is too low your juice won’t vaporise fully thus you won’t get the full flavour potential.

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